Modern Cars

From the eighties onwards, cars were built without these terrible water traps. Cad-cam design now made it much easier to make a simple, light body with enough strength. On the smaller cars, front wheel arches were no longer a structural part of the car and could be lined with non-rusting plastic liners which would stand up to any amount of abrasion. Recesses at the bottom of the wings behind the wheelarch liners were open, meaning no more fatal build up of mud and silt to rot away the bottom of the wings. With cad-cam design cars can be designed to have a specific life span. I believe most small and mid-range cars are now made to last for exactly six years. Everything: bodywork, mechanicals, upholstery will hold up well for around 6 years and then quickly deteriorate. Some owners of modern cars intend to look after their cars very carefully and keep their cars a lot longer than the manufacturers consider to be a normal life span. In these cases my services can definitely help to prolong the life of the body.




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