Preserving Your Vehicle

I have very specialized, 3 phase, high pressure equipment at the "Before 'n' After" premises near Rugby. All of this equipment has been custom built.

On the underbody of vehicles my equipment not only cleans all the road dirt and muck completely off, it also strips any flaky old rust right back. While it does not completely remove the last vestiges of rust (as a sand blast would) , the rusty areas look just like they have been severely wire brushed. This is particularly useful for rusty old Land Rovers. My superb coating equipment then puts a really smooth, even coating of black Waxoyl onto a verythoroughly prepared and clean underbody. This is why I can offer a 5 year guarantee on Land Rovers: if you see any rust coming through the coating within 5 years, you can bring the Land Rover back and I will retreat it free of charge - (note: guarantee does not apply to very badly rusted Land Rovers). I have not yet had a single claim under this guarantee!

For cavities I have unique equipment. An atomized fog spray of Waxoyl is blasted into the cavities under huge pressure (3,000 psi). Incidentally, an easy way to check whether cavities have been well coated is to take a flat bladed screwdriver a week or two after the treatment and poke it into the cavity or box section using a drainage hole or similar. Scrape the blade against the wall of the cavity. On a "Before 'n' Aftered" vehicle you should see thin scrapings of wax on the screwdriver blade.

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