How Good is "Before ‘n’ After Rustproofing"?

Underbody is thoroughly pressure-washed an cleanedThe Quality of "Before ‘n’ After Rustproofing is of a consistent and high standard and is widely recognised. You should more than recover the cost when you sell your car. My aim is always to cover 100% of every cavity and box section and every single part of the underbody area. The rustproofing treatment will halt any rust damage and usually prevent any further damage for at least 5 years. It is an absolute must on any classic car. If you use an older car regularly through the winter you will be causing untold and unnecessary damage if you have not had your car rustproofed by me! I am always conscious that the more cars I do, the more I build up a stock of cars which will be their own testament to my work.

I am also conscious that having devoted so many years to my business, I have more and more to lose by falling down on the job! As the sole specialist since 1987 I believe I can offer three things which no one else can :



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