A commitment to the job.

I have been rustproofing vehicles day in and day out for twenty years now. You can be sure that I know what I am doing. It is in my interest to do the best possible job.

Underbody is thoroughly dried and sprayed with Steelgaurd.The very best equipment. Over twenty years I have been able to assemble my own custom made rustproofing system. A lot of my equipment is sourced in the US. Canada and many parts of the US experience extreme winter conditions , so it is natural for their car rustproofing know-how to be very highly developed.

Skill and know-how. My equipment injects atomised Waxoyl into the cavities at 1,000 psi. This means I can achieve a smooth, even film with no "slump or sag". From my years of experience I can "feel" just how much Waxoyl is going in and visualise the coverage of invisible cavities and know exactly when to stop before "slumping" occurs! This comes only with years of experience.

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