How can you rustproof a vehicle all in one day after pressure washing?

Wheelarches sprayed with black Waxoyl or optional colour-matched coatingIn the spring and summer the car will dry out very quickly. The key to quick drying is to get the underbody and arches spotlessly clean. This drying process can be assisted with an airline. However, to make sure there is absolutely no moisture left, I spray the underbody and flood the cavities with a product called "Steelguard". The MOD designation for this kind of product is PX24. This very thin fluid has incredible penetrating, moisture dispersing and creeping properties. It also leaves an ultra thin (thinner than a human hair) film in contact with the metal. This film contains very powerful rust inhibitors. One of the military uses for a PX24 is to spray into Harrier Jump Jet engines after landing to stop any damage being caused by salt spray. In his article for Jaguar World of May 95, Jim Patten says "So penetrative is the Steelguard that it can be seen escaping either side of a spot weld. As a demonstration, Chris sprayed a little on a wet outer panel. You should see the water run!"



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