What do we do?

"Before ‘n’ After" Rustproofing means injecting every cavity and box section on the car and spraying the underneath and wheel arches with an oily, waxy substance called Waxoyl (we can also use other brands such as Dinitrol if you wish) after thoroughly cleaning and drying the wheel arches and underside of the car.

How does Waxoyl work?

Waxoyl and other proprietary brands of rustproofing waxes, oils and greases belong to a family of products called "slushing oils". These have been in use for decades on ships and by the military and are known to be extremely effective at preventing rust on steel. They contain inhibitors in the oil or wax which work by neutralising the chemical reaction which turns steel or iron into rust . The oil, grease or wax film is an excellent barrier to oxygen and moisture, without which the chemical reaction cannot continue.

Close up detail of Land Rover underbody before pressure wash - click here for larger image

After pressure wash - only Before 'n' After has the secret equipment to give this "severe wire brushing" effect - click here for larger image








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