How good is rustproofing with Waxoyl?

All cavities injected with WaxoylHow long is a piece of string? Although this will not be popular with the manufacturers of rustproofing products (and of course I would say this!), I believe the application itself is 90% of the job. No matter how good the product is, if it has only been applied to some parts of the car, it is only going to protect those parts of the car! I have quite often been called to rustproof a car which has been restored and has supposedly been rustproofed. In a lot of these cases I believe what the restorer meant by "Waxoyling" or "rustproofing" the car was to walk around the car with a can of Waxoyl with the top off! (Classic car enthusiasts very often do not appreciate just how much the filthy, backbreaking job of rustproofing is universally loathed in the trade!) I do not want to give restorers a hard time though, because although some of these cars which were supposedly rustproofed did not have a drop of rustproofing wax on them, the quality of work of the restoration very often could only inspire admiration and I believe the customers got fantastic value for money. Classic car enthusiasts: Give Car Restorers a break! They hate rustproofing.

It is a highly specialised skill which I am not teaching to anyone! When you have your car restored do not make the restorer look shifty by asking him to rustproof it! Rustproofing is not better carried out when the car is restored because you can Waxoyl the inner sills before you weld on the outer sills! Waxoyling the inner sills would make it impossible to weld on the outer sills!


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