"Terms & Conditions for the use of "courtesy car"

If you wish to borrow the courtesy car please fill this out and send it together with the "terms & conditions"

A courtesy car (Honda S-MX 2 litre petrol automatic - japanese import http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_SMX ) will be loaned to customers while their car is being rustproofed. The car is insured by myself for customers to drive. Please note that there is a £750 excess on my insurance policy for the car. Customers who borrow the courtesy car are responsible for paying this excess in case of damage.

My insurance company insists on the following conditions:

No "DVLC check code" required

1. I have asked my insurers to dispense with the requirement for the "DVLC check code" in order to borrow the courtesy car. However, you must not borrow the courtesy car if you have any adverse convictions in the last 4 years under these codes:


By signing these terms and conditions you are confirming that you do not have such convictions. If you sign the t&c's and borrow the courtesy car with the above convictions you will not be insured - with all the legal ramifications which follow. (These convictions are allowed: SP, CU, TS). You must show me your plastic card license on arrival.

While the customer's vehicle is in my workshop it will be covered by my own insurance to a limit of £50,000. If your vehicle has a higher value than this, an extra premium can be arranged for the day. This will be at the customer's cost.

Customers will be asked to sign a "check­sheet" detailing the condition of the courtesy car when it is handed over to them with details of mileage and fuel gauge readings. When the car is brought back, this "check­sheet" will be used as a reference and the loan car will be examined with the customer for any damage that has occurred during the customer's use. If any damage has occurred, the customer will sign a form admitting liability.

Customers will pay a surcharge for any soiling or staining of the upholstery.

The car will be loaned with a full tank. Customers must fill up before bringing the car back. The nearest filling station is near junction 2 of the M6 (shown on map on page 1a of the information pack). If the car is not filled up the customer will have to pay a minimum surcharge of £30 for the time needed to drive to the filling station to fill up.

The customer must verify that oil and coolant levels are normal when the car is running. If any mechanical defect is noted the car must be returned immediately (or if more than 4 miles away from Before 'n' After premises ­ call AA to have car transported). Any mechanical damage, which occurs during the customer's use, will be charged to the customer. Each car has its own AA cover and you will find the card in the glove compartment. If a fault develops, do not tinker with the car yourself, call me first and then call the AA.

If the car is driven over 100 miles there will be a surcharge of £50.

If you agree with these terms and conditions please sign and date this letter.

Name (print) ...........................

Signed ...................... Dated................