Terms & Conditions for KLEENtect 

Please print this page off, read it and sign it at the bottom and send it to me at the address underneath.   KLEENtect is taking at least a week to do  at present so we usually pick your Defender up under our "our pay half - you pay half" scheme and most customers have another car so it is not usually necessary to borrow the courtesy car.   If  for some reason I have agreed to lend you the courtesy car please print off, fill in and sign "terms & conditions for loan of courtesy car"".    

If you are bringing the vehicle to us and  want us to send you the loaner satnav (recommended if you do not have your own) fill in the loaner satnav terms and conditions


Chris Parkinson, "Before 'n' After", Bungalow Farm,  Smeaton Lane,  Rugby,  CV23 0PS 

Terms & Conditions  for rustproofing your vehicle

A 200 deposit will be required to confirm your booking.  Send a cheque for 100 with the date of your booking and a telephone number on the back together with a signed copy of this "Terms & Conditions" sheet.  You will receive by return a receipt and confirmation and a very comprehensive 21  page visitor information pack which gives you easy to follow instructions on how to get here and contains all the information you will need to get the very best out of  Warwickshire.  (Most KLEENtect customers are using the "pick up and deliver back service" so will not need the information pack -  we send it anyway as confirmation of having received your depost.) 


The balance is payable by cash, Bankers Draft or Building Society deposit account cheque. No other kind of payment will be accepted. You should take particular note of these conditions if you are picking your car up when the banks are closed because your vehicle will not be returned without payment & no cheques (apart from the above two types) will be accepted.   

KLEENtect is an innovatory process developed by myself,  Chris Parkinson,  owner of Before 'n' After Rustproofing  using techniqes and materials largely developed by myself based on cutting edge industrial techniqes and materials.   It has very little in common with auto body repair.  Auto body repair has existed since the early 1900s and is an industry employing thousands of people in the UK.   Auto body repair is nowadays a "commodity" whereas KLEENtect is a niche,   highly specialized and cutting edge,  artisan treatment which can be carried out only by Before 'n' After Rustproofing near Rugby. 

Time taken for carrying out the KLEENtect

The time take to carry out KLEENtect may vary from time to time.  At the time of writing this (25th March 08) it is taking around two weeks due to pressure of work.  I am hoping that this time can be reduced considerably in the near future.   Please check with me for current timeings.  (Phone 01788 832 255 or email:  chris@before-n-after.co.uk)  Please note that I cannot work to deadlines with the KLEENtect.  Times given are an indication only.   Once work has commenced I will not hand back a vehicle until it is completely finished even if the vehicle has been paid for in advance.   I find that most people have a second vehicle they can use and they are quite happy to let me take the time it takes to do a good job.   If however your Land Rover is  your sole vehicle and you require a fast turnaround,  I would advise you to wait a little while before having your vehicle KLEENtected as I hope to be able to achieve much faster turnarounds in the future. 

"Pick up and deliver back service"

Most KLEENtect customers are now opting for the subsidized pick up and deliver back service.   Under this scheme a driver will come and pick up your vehicle to be KLEENtected.   The driver will come on the train.    I will pay half of the costs of the "pick up and deliver back" service.   So for example if you live in Manchester,  it might take my driver around 2 hours on the train to get to you  and the two hours driving to bring your vehicle to my premises.   Let us say the return ticket for the train is 40.   I pay my driver 8 an hour.   So the total cost to you will be 52 as you will pay for just the pick up and delivery to my premises.  I will then pay for the delivery back to you of the vehicle.   You should make sure you give the Land Rover to my driver with a full tank.   If he needs to put further fuel in the tank he will do so,  show you the receipts and ask you to reimburse him. 

KLEENtect finish

The KLEENtect finish is smooth and high gloss.   The appearance is very pleasing to the eye.   While it is close to being as good as a standard automotive finish it is not possible to achieve exactly the same finish as on the body panels.  This is due to the fact that the KLEENtect coatings are actually thick,  high performance anti-corrosion coatings and do not have the flow and "run out"  and ease of applicaion of modern day car paint finishes and also because the chassis and underbody are not prepared to the same degree of smoothness as the body panels. 

KLEENtect on rust

I may agree to apply KLEENtect to a vehicle which is more than a year or two old.   In this case there will be some rust on the underbody and this has to be coated with a special anti-corrosive paint before the KLEENtect is applied as a sort of "belt and braces" protection.   In order to be effective this paint has to be applied fairly thickly and this may result in runs.  (It should be noted that a vehicle which is more than a year or two old will have a considerable amount of rust underneath even if it has never been used off road.) 

KLEENtect colours

with the KLEENtect colours,   an extra colour coat is added between the two anti-corrosive coatings.   So the colour goes on top of the "Barriertect" coating and underneath the "stayKLEEN" coating.   KLEENtect colours looks particularly effective when colour coded to a light coloured or medium vehicle or a metallic.   (With darker colours I recommend the standard grey KLEENtect which looks particularly good on a black vehicle for example).   With a colour coded KLEENtect colours application,  the colour match is usually extremely good and the general consensus is that this gives a stunning appearance to the vehicle.   However,  I cannot guarantee an absolutely perfect colour match in all cases.   You should bear in mind that the underbody is usually viewed in shadow and this will tend to give the underbody colour the appearance of being darker.   For example "atlantis blue" (on the 50th anniversary model) had dark blue "lowlights" and light turquoise green "highlights".   So for example if you look at the areas around a rear wheel with the vehicle in bright sunlight,   the panels and wheel spats might appear to be light turquoise green while the colour coded KLEENtect colours on the underbody underneath the wheelarches might appear to be dark blue.  But if you stand some distance away and look at the vehicle,  most people agree that the effect is stunning.   KLEENtect   colours is particularly recommended for light to mid colours,  and especially fancy mica colours.   I do not recommend it for dark colours as the underbody is usually in shadow and at a casual glance  the eye will generally perceive dark colours as black.    The grey of the standard KLEENtect looks stunning if the body is painted in black or dark colours. 


I take great care to cover all parts of the underbody.   Please note however there are hundreds of different fittings on a Land Rover each of which may require spraying from six or more different angles to guarantee coverage.  It is inevitable therefore that you will find one or two spots that have not been covered,  usually no bigger than a coin.   I do not coat the brake back plates or the tops of the chassis legs in the engine beay or the "dumb irons" on top of the front chassis legs in the engine bay or the "dumb irons" on top of the front chassis to which the front bumper attaches at it is impractical to do so.   Please note also that it is not possible to reach some areas because obviously I can only spray what is visible.   Some areas are not accessible without taking the body off or the engine out.   In general even with the very hard use the KLEENtect has been found to keep the underbody entirely rust free. 

While there is a 10 year anti-corrosion guarantee witht the KLEENtect you may however see a few specks of rust here and there even after just a year or two.  This is caused by the fact that some of the components may already be rusting when they are assembled during manufacture and some rust may sometimes appear through seams and on welds.   In general,  even with very hard use KLEENtect has been found to keep the underbody entirely rust free.  (This is written nearly seven years after KLEENtect was first introduced). 

Buy Back Guarantee

You should be able to more than recover the full cost of KLEENtect when you sell your vehicle and if you are not able to do this then I will buy the vehicle back from you for the trade price plus the full coost of the KLEENtect.   If you decide to sell the vehicle,  contact me and I will tell you the current trade price and retail price.  I will also send you my KLEENtect "test pack" which contains a test panel coated with KLEENtect,   a transfer pipette (to deposit battery acid or drain cleaner on the panel),   leaflets with testimonials and suggested tests to carry out on the test panel.   You should show this to all prospective buyers and particularly to the dealer at the "appraisal" if you are trading it in.    I will also send you a fact sheet with trade secrets on how to prepare the vehicle to look its best.   You should make any prospective buyers aware that the KLEENtect comes with a 10 year anti-corrosion warrantee and that this is transferable to new owners. 

If you are unable to sell the vehicle for the trade price that I have indicated plus the full cost of the KLEENtect I will buy the vehicle from you for the current "Glass's Guide" trade price plus the full cost of the KLEENtect.    Please note that this will only apply if the vehicle is in sound body and mechanical condition.   If there is damage to body panels or mechanical faults this will be reflected in a lower price than the trade price being offered.   The buy back guarantee will only apply if the vehicle has a full Main Dealer Service History.   Please note that before asking me to buy the vehicle back you must have first offered the vehicle to a dealer.   

Your vehicle is insured for 50.000 in my premises.   If you wish to borrow a courtesy car,   your vehicle will be inspected by myself or my driver together with you the customer and any existing damage to paintwork,  bumpers etc will be noted on a check sheet.   When the car is handed back to you,  you will be asked to inspect the car and sign the check sheet to indicate that the car is being returned to you in the same conditions that you brought it in.   I have insurance to cover your vehicle up to 50.000.   If your vehicle is worth more than this I can arrange extra cover for a day for a small charge. 

Damage   It is extremely rare for any damage to be caused to a customer's vehicle by myself.   No damage has ever been caused by myself to a vehicle either by the pressure wash or by the waxoyling process.   (Land Rovers are designed to withstand regular - even daily - pressure washes).   About once a year a vehicle will develop a fault during the work.   In previous cases this has always been an older vehicle and proved to be caused by some kind of bodged electrical or other repair done before the vehicle was brought to me.   If I am aware that I have done damage I will of course inform you and give you a signed statement admitting liability and ask you to pay for your car normally.   You will not be allowed to leave without paying and your car will not be released until you have paid.   You should then get an estimate for putting the car back to the condition it was in before the damage was caused. 

Please note that under law you have a "duty to mitigate my losses".   What this means is that putting the damage right has to be done at reasonable cost and if I think your first estimate is too high I may ask you to get a second estimate.   When we are both happy that the work can be done satisfactorily and at reasonable cost I will send you a cheque for half the amount on the estimate.   You should then send me the original vat invoice for the repair (this is for my accounts) once the work has been carried out and I will send you a cheque for the remain balance.   Please note that I will only  pay for the vehicle to be put back to the condition it was in before it was brought to me.  No claims for "diminution of value" will be accepted.  In cases where a fault is noticed which I was unaware of and which the customer attributes to myself,   please note that I will require proper evidence that the fault has been caused by myself.   I may require a report (a phone call will usually do) from a garage and in the case of some kind of  aftermarket electrical installation it is very likely that I will need a  written report from the installer and/or the manufacturer. 

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with my work you can bring your vehicle in for inspection and recification if necessary.   My decision on what rectification needs to be done will be final.   No refunds will be given in any circumstances.   

Oozing Waxoyl will reassure you that the job has been done properly. You will find that Waxoyl will ooze out of the doors, boot lid, bonnet lid and wings for a while.   I will give you some very absorbent towelling rag to wipe this off.  I would advise you to let it drip for about 3 days and then wipe it off with some white spirit.  (It should have finished dripping after about 3 days.) Waxoyl does no harm at all to paintwork, and is very light and easily removed, even when dry, with white spirit. You will find some Waxoyl usually drips out of the car onto the drive when the car has just been rustproofed (particularly on very hot days).  For the first day or two therefore, you may want to park the car where this is not going to be a problem or just put a dustsheet down in the garage. 

I  take great care not to make any marks on the upholstery.  If you do find some,  please don't panic.  Waxoyl can easily be removed with absorbent cotton rage and plenty of white spirit.  In cases (extremely rare - we try to avoid this at all costs) where there are smudges of KLEENtect this can also be removed but usually we will have to do this.     

You will find a smell of Waxoyl lingers for about 2 or 3 weeks after the car has been rustproofed. The smell will be particularly strong just after rustproofing.  The smell will be strong for about 2 or 3 days and will then gradually disappear. 


If, for some reason, you are dissatisfied with my work you can bring your vehicle in for inspection and rectification if necessary. My decision on what rectification needs to be done will be final. No refunds will be given in any circumstances. 

Final Valeting  My aim is for you to receive your vehicle back in showroom condition and I spend a lot of time on the final valeting.  I am very careful to make sure that there is no overspray on the paintwork.   If for some reason you find that I have missed a small area of overspray,  please contact me and I can tell you how to remove this very easily,.   


100 deposit required to confirm booking. The balance is payable by cash, Bankers Draft or Building Society deposit account cheque.  No other kind of payment will be accepted. You should take particular note of these conditions if you are picking  your car up when the banks are closed because your vehicle will not be returned without payment & no cheques (apart from the above two types) will be accepted. 

Please print this page off, read it and sign it at the bottom to indicate that you accept the conditions and send it me.  If you wish to borrow the courtesy car please print off :"terms & conditions for loan of courtesy car."   

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Date of rustproofing booking   ...............................

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