Why have your car rustproofed by "Before ‘n’ After"?

Before ‘n’ After is a "one man band" operation run by myself, Chris Parkinson, since 1987. Since 1987 I have accumulated a great deal of expertise, knowledge and skill and slowly but surely built a reputation for thoroughness and commitment to rustproofing your car as if it was my own. The business was run as a mobile business up until October ’99 until I moved into my previous premises at New Greenham Park in Newbury Berks (from 1999 to 2008). Now (since March 2008) in new premises near Rugby (2 miles from junction 2 of the M6 and 4 miles from junction 20 of the MI). When I started the business I had no capital and so it was a very labour intensive business. It was an ideal business to start in a small way like this because customers were able to watch me working and so they knew just how difficult and hard the job was and they could witness for themselves just how much I put into the job.

"How did you get it up like that?"
"I went 'Shazam' !"

Thank God those days are over!
Doing Jim Will's car in 1998
Since moving into the premises I have poured all my cash flow into equipment and I now have £50.000 worth of custom-built state of the art equipment. (Although it doesn't look like it. Customers are always amazed when I tell them the grid floor they are walking on as they make their way into my office to pay me cost £10.000). Since 1999 the business has been focussed about equally on Jaguar and Land Rovers with some Motor Caravans. In 2001 I was able to build on my extensive knowledge of coatings and how to apply them and develop a premium coating called KLEENtect aimed at new or nearly new Land Rovers. But whether you have a brand new Land Rover 90, a 20 year old Range Rover or a Jaguar Mark 2 or XJS etc. etc., a proper rustproofing job is absolutely essential to preserve and prolong the life of your vehicle, whether it is a new Land Rover, a well preserved original, a Sunbelt import or a rebuilt car.

"It works - it really does"
LRE Sept 01

Before 'n' After is now "capital intensive" rather than "labour intensive" and it now takes only a few hours to rustproof a vehicle instead of 11 hours of back breaking labour. But the attention to detail is just the same. Having built my reputation the only way it is possible to build a reputation - i.e: the hard way and over many years, my customers realise they can trust my continued commitment to my own high standards.




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