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Specialist in Rustproofing Classic Cars,
Land Rovers and Motor Caravans
Sole Rustproofing Specialist since 1987
Ex Newbury (1999 to 2008)
Now near Rugby (2 miles from junction 2 of M6)
"The Rustproofing Specialist you can trust"
Open 7 days a week - phone 01788 832 255

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Before 'n' After's famous Waxoyl treatment for older
Land Rovers with 5 year guarantee - Click here
  treatment for new (or nearly new) Land Rovers - Click here  
  ("Before" image shows underbody after we've stripped off Land Rover's own wax coating)    

When your car has been "Before 'n' After'd" you will:

  • Have peace of mind
  • Save hundreds or even thousands of £££'s in repair bills.
  • Get a much better price for your car when you sell it.

Get the "Before 'n' After" Bonus!

Prospective buyers will know that rustworms quit your vehicle on the date on your "Before 'n' After" certificate. From now on any money you spend on your car is an investment in an asset which is rising in value. (Of course my certificate is not a guarantee that any previous rust damage which may have been present has been properly repaired and prospective buyers should take the usual precautions - use a small paperweight magnet to detect any filler etc.)


Excerpt from "Buying an XJS" in Jaguar World - Feb 2000

by Deputy Editor & leading Classic Car Journalist Jim Patten

"Perhaps the most important thing to do if you are lucky enough to buy a rust free car is to
have it thoroughly rust-proofed by Chris Parkinson at Before 'n' After Rustproofing
(01788 832 255). Chris will do a thorough job for around £340 - £360. It works
too! One of the most rust prone cars in the business must be a Fiat from the seventies.
We have a '78 Spyder, Chris treated it in '91 and it's stood in the open ever since.
There's not a trace of rust anywhere!"

Why it has to be "Before 'n' After"

"Before 'n' After" is the Sole Rustproofing Specialist since 1987.

Only "Before 'n' After Rustproofing" has the proven track record, credibility and high profile to add value to your car!