Lunt Roman Fort CV1 5QP

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Phone 024 7623 7548
Closes in winter from November to April

See 10 minute video , shot by myself

Intermittent opening times in Summer only

See the video shot by me in 2008 when I first moved to Rugby from Newbury.

The fort was discovered in the 1930's when large amounts of Roman pottery were found. Parts of it were reconstructed in the 70's.

Scholarly article on the fort here
From the article
“Modern visitors to The Lunt at Baginton should be suitably impressed with the reconstructions built upon the original Roman foundations by the officers and men of the 31 Base Workshop Squadron, Royal Engineers. Using Roman methods and materials wherever possible this modern regiment reconstructed the eastern defences in 1971, basing the timber-built gateway on ones depicted on Trajan's Column at Rome, one of the miptary granaries was rebuilt in 1973 on the site of the original timber building and now houses the site museum, and finally, the gyrus was erected in 1977. In addition to these excellent reconstructions many of the original Roman stone foundations have been uncovered and are now on display. These include the principia or regimental headquarters in the centre of the fort next to the granary, an ablutions block, the praetorium or commanding officer's house, also many of the barrack-blocks and stables.”

A reconstruction of the fort has been made using 3D, virtual technology and this can now be viewed in the Granary. Here is a short extract, 2D version on youtube

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13 reviews on Trip advisor

Review from Trip advisor:
“Great fun for children as well as Roman history fans
….Partially reconstructed fort with well set up interpretation centre. Really brought to life by the enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff. We were lucky enough to go on a Heritage open day where a really great demonstrator was showing how a piece of Roman artillery worked, much cheering from the gathered audience. The partial reconstruction really gives you a sense of the size and scale of a Roman fort. There's an interpretation centre built into a reconstructed granary and this was well laid out with models and activities that were as interesting for our 4 year old son as us. His highlight was trying on a child sized suit of chainmail and helmet: this museum clearly caters for children and school visits. We expected to go for an hour but spent 2.5 hours there. Picnic benches and toilets on site so great for a picnic as well. Free parking and well sign posted...”

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