Before 'n' After rusproofing. Since 1987 (Ex Newbury 1999 to 2008). Now near Rugby (2 miles from junction 2 of M6). Borrow our courtesy car and have a great day out while we rustproof your vehicle.


  • Here are some old articles, pdf's of old ads in Land Rover Magazine, Jaguar Enthusiast magazine, gifs of cartoons and videos that I could not bear to part with, retrieved from my ramshackle old website where they had been posted up for me by various different developers over the years since the website was first put up in 1999.
  • “How to preserve your Jag or Mercedes “ and “How to avoid buying an old tart”. Click here I wrote these two articles in about 2000 when I was in premises in Newbury and still doing a lot of the old XJS's and XJ6's of the time. Around a year or two later I started to specialise much more in Land Rovers and Motor Caravans. The articles were written when I still considered myself to be primarily a Jaguar rustproofing specialist. I think they would be very useful to anyone thinking of buying an old XJS or a series 1, 2 or 3 XJ6. Try to find one that was Before 'n' After'd. Here is a tip for potential buyers of old classic jags. Look in Jaguar Driver (club) magazine in the classified ads. Look for ads for jags for sale on the south coast, particularly Worthing: “Selling due to bereavement”. I was considering setting up as a dealer in classic jags at one point and when researching for my business plan I found that this was the source of all the good ones. Company directors who had had the jag from new and retired to the south coast. They would invariably be members of the Institute of Advanced Motorists. This tip was valid 20 years ago. I don't know if it still applies. It probably does. I'm glad I never became a car dealer. Because I didn't I'm probably a lot poorer but I still have my soul intact.
  • Article on post-war car construction and corrosion. Click here The article was written by me in 1999 when I was still a mobile operation, before moving to my first premises in Newbury when I still thought of myself as a Classic Car and Jaguar rustproofing specialist. Re-reading it now, I think it's still a good article so I have included it in the archives from the old website. I am now chiefly a Land Rover and Motor Home rustproofing specialist but I don't turn any vehicles away unless a) the car is very low off the ground like the Austin Healey or Nissan Skyline or has very small wheels like the Ford Puma or the original mini. In these cases the car won't fit on my column lifts. Or b) the underside has been molested with schutz over rust or corrosion damage has been bodged – see my terms and conditions.)
  • Animated Gif “Sometimes I feel so depressed”. This was done for a cartoon that appeared in a LRO add around 2006 from memory. The cartoon is self-explanatory.
  • Animated Gif “I've been doing this a long time” This is from a black and white cartoon that originally appeared in Classic Car magazine and in Heseltine's me-too Classic and Sports Car magazine around 1993 (from memory). I later got my cartoonist to do it in colour (he uses an airbrush) and one of my developers to do it as a gif. As a health nut who intends to live for ever I did not really like the image of me being tired and knackered at the end of a hard day's work and I later got my cartoonist to re-do this cartoon showing me doing my daily swim and saying that on my diet of raw food I expected to be around for centuries more.
  • Here are six more Rustworm animaated gif cartoons. These all started out as black and white cartoons in Classic Car and Classic and Sportscar nearly 30 years ago! Click here to see them.

KLEENtect stuff

  • KLEENtect was a non-stick paint finish that I applied to the underbody of new or nearly new Defenders from 2002 to 2009. I gave a 10 year guarantee. Around 150 Defenders were done with KLEENtect. Not a single guarantee claim! (This written in May 2008 so six months still to go). I can't get the materials anymore and the CR coating with 10 year guarantee is the replacement at 1/3 the price.
  • PDF Article in Land Rover Enthusiast magazine from 2001 about the KLEENtectd vehicle no. 1, done for the 90 of Nick and John Jennings. The 90 was driven through the off road course at Billing for the article.
  • Youtube KLEENtect video I demontrate toughness on test panel.
  • Youtube KLEENtect video I examine the Jennings' “KLEENtect no. 1” with the third (!) owner since the Jennings. From memory, the video was made around 2005. If you know where this vehicle is now please get in touch.
  • Youtube KLEENtect video (9 mins) Demo in a quarry. (Check out the non-KLEENtect, mad driver at 1.41)
  • Youtube KLEENtect video (3 mins) Walk through with owner.
  • PDF of first ad for KLEENtect in 2001
  • PDF of 2002 ad for KLEENtect in LRO.
  • PDF's of 4 early KLEENtect ads (from around 2002 to around 2006
  • Report from Nick Jenning about how KLEENtect coating was performing on KLEENtect no. 1 Unfortunately the report is not dated. I think it's from around 2002 or 2003.
  • Web page showing how KLEENtect resists abrasion from mud and the alkali or acid in the mud. A lot of ideas on this page. I got a load of proper corrosion test panels and sprayed them with KLEENtect and sent a test panel together with a plastic pipette to potential customers to verify for themselves that KLEENtect resists: abrasion/heat/alkali/acid. Cranwell soil survey very kindly made me some maps showing the alkali and acid content of soils in various regions of the UK and the most corrosive soils in the UK. . They are in the Welsh mountains and UK moorland in case you were wondering. At one time, someone on an allotment forum posted a link to the page and it got lots of hits from gardeners.
  • PDF of ad on the penetrative capabilities of waxoyl from 2002 Note: this was in answer to propaganda from Dinitrol that Waxoyl is not penetrative and that Dinitrol is 10 or 100 or 1,000 times (I forget which), more penetrative than waxoyl. I once waxoyled (around 2001 from memory) the Jaguar E type of the man who arranged wholesale distribution of Waxoyl and Hammerite for Allen Forster, the inventor and original manufacturer of these products. He gave me a lot of old literature (old ads showing various test results etc) that Allen had given him and I copied one of Forster's tests for this ad. Forster tragically died of a heart attack, six months after selling out to Hunting lubricants. Forster was a native of Newcastle. A customer called Forster told me the other day that it is a common name around the border country and the Forsters were originally “Border Rievers”. Forster originally sold his “Finnegans” Waxoyl and Hammerite by mail order with ads in Exchange & Mart. He used the same “advertorial” style that I use in my ads. The style is a little bit outdated nowadays but I like it. Maybe I should go for the new “image” type approach and try to persuade my customers in my ads that they will be irresistible to the opposite sex if they have their vehicle Before 'n' After'd. (But then they already know that.)
  • PDF of 2002 ad in LRO “How to make your Land Rover worth more”
  • PDF of 2000 ad in MMM (Motor home magazine)
  • PDF of 1999 ad in Jaguar Enthusiast (club) magazine. (Those colours are definitely not right!)
  • Note. You can see that in the early ads, especially the one in Jaguar Enthusiast in 1999 that I had not quite nailed the colours for my ads. Finally I got my reproduction house of the time to send me dozens of colour samples with their respective CMYK breakdowns and at last I was able to specify exactly the colours that I wanted. Now and then, when someone new is designing my ad, I can see in the proofs they send me that they are guessing again. Then I send them the CMYK specification again and make sure that they stick to it!
  • Passing off page This web page dates from 2014 when a me-too competitor was using my trade name: “Before 'n' After as the headline title for google and bing paid for order to pass himself off as me. I sent him a cease and desist letter but I don't think he would have taken any notice. I think it was my complaint to bing and google which got a result. Phoney claim This is the same competitor who claimed to have 10 years experience when he only had two when he started to make the claim. A search on the wayback machine for his website reveals that the website first appeared in November 2011. I first noticed his “10 years experience” claim around 5 years ago. Unfortunately I did not think to take a screenshot of his ad then. I've just done a search for his paid for ad and he is no longer making the claim. Probably because I used it in an ad as an example of the phoney claims that me-too competitors make. For example Rustmaster, now defunct, claimed that their waxoyl was made in Switzerland. Not true. It was made in the waxoyl factory in Prudhoe and shipped for “Waxoyl International” a Swiss based marketing company that bought the rights from Allen Forster to sell waxoyl outside of the UK. I have always tried to stay strictly honest in my claims. I think that is the best policy.