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KLEENtect User's report by Nick Jennings

  • Hello Chris,
  • Just a note to keep you up to speed on the progress on the 90. Since the Billing extravaganza the 90 has seen a lot of use. As members of the HBRO we have been involved in Trials ,Off Road Driving Days, Marshalling and much more. Your coating has stood up extremely well. I have not found any areas that have deteriorated at all. If wet mud is encountered it just falls off. In wet sticky clay type ground , lumps may initially stick , but soon fall off. If any of the nooks and crannies under the chassis catch lumps of soil, these will either fall off when dry or just disappear when the garden hose appears. There is no need any more for the jet wash. Now that your coating is on my chassis I tend to forget about what's happening underneath the vehicle. The neighbours are also happier because most of the muck & dirt does not make it back to our street, it just falls off along the way.
  • Thanks again for a great job.
  • Regards,
  • Nick Jennings
  • Jennings Of Caversham
  • Chris's note: This is for interest only. The KLEENtect was discontinued in 2009 because I could no longer get the materials.