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The Town of Warwick

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Smith Street (260 metres long)

Lord Leicester Hospital

St. Mary's Church (tomb of Elisabeth 1's suitor the earl of Leicester and climb the tower for a panoramic view)

Mill Garden at end of Mill Street (by castle)

  • Mill Street (leading to Mill garden) on google street view
  • 5.30 minute youtube stills montage of Mill Street gardens
  • Review:
    "...At the end of a cobbled street that contains many Tudor houses, the last house has created the most beautiful riverside garden that they open to the public. Talking to the owner they employ people to help them, and they donate the entry fees to charity. It really is the most stunning garden, and I was lucky to visit at a quiet time. Beautiful views of the castle and the mill further down. The people who live here are very lucky and extremely generous to share this beautiful location with us all..."
  • 325 reviews (nearly all 5 star) and 177 photos on Trip Advisor

25th to 28th July 2019 Warwick Folk Festival

Market Hall Museum

WiFi hotspots in Warwick

  • BT WiFi (Android and Apple)
  • HSBC in Corporation St. and High Street
  • Marks and Spencers and TSB in Market Street
  • Tesco Superstore Emscote Rd
  • Sky “The Cloud” (Android and Apple) and Virgin (all phones)
  • Cafe Nero Brook St
  • There may be other hotspots which you will find easily if you have the various network finder apps installed on your phone.