Before 'n' After rusproofing. Since 1987 (Ex Newbury 1999 to 2008). Now near Rugby (2 miles from junction 2 of M6). Borrow our courtesy car and have a great day out while we rustproof your vehicle.

Chris’s guarantee

  • "If you see any rust coming through the coating within the time frame of the guarantee, bring it back and have it retreated free of charge".
  • Note that the guarantee does not cover welding repairs or part replacements. The onus is on the owner to inspect or get inspected the vehicle at the annual MOT and if rust is coming through to a) send Chris pictures of the problem areas and b) to book in for retreatment before any welding becomes necessary. (Free for classification a), b) and c),with a fee for classification d) and e).
    (See conditions here)
  • The 5 year guarantee for Before ‘n’ After improved waxoyl and the 10 year guarantee for the CR coating with 10 year guarantee are not backed by an insurance policy.
  • However, Chris has given around 6,000 guarantees since 2002 and in the very rare cases where retreatement has been necessary Chris has always honoured the guarantee. Chris is an obsessive health nut and does not have “off’ days. He enjoys his job and expects to work for a few more years yet. When he eventually wants to retire he will sell the business with the proviso that for one week a year in Spring (the week after Easter) he will come back, put on his overalls and deal with any guarantee claims that have arisen by retreating.