Astley Book Farm

CV12 0NE (8 miles from premises)

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  • 75,000 general, hard to find, out of print and rare books
  • On Arbury Estate (birthplace of novelist George Elliot)
  • Housed in rambling old barns
  • Cafe with delicious, freshly baked cakes, sandwiches, paninis, jacket potatoes, coffee, drinks etc.
  • Chairs and tables outside in the garden
  • Snug with wood burning stove (lit in colder months)
  • This is a lovely place. While I was filming there in 2008 there was a huge hailstorm. (At 9.09 in my second video). I can't remember a cafe being there then. I've just checked their website for 2008 on the wayback internet archive. No mention of a cafe. The cafe seems to have opened in 2011. The owners have really developed this side of things since then and the difference between their website in 2008 and today is the difference between day and night. Hopefully my own new website will be as good.
  • Reviews from Trip Advisor:
    “...I’m a regular visitor to the book farm, whether it’s meeting a friend for a nice cuppa and a chat or having lunch with my family there’s always a warm welcome waiting for you. All the food is prepared freshly for you and the cake/desserts are amazing. Its always good to have a mooch around the books too...”
  • “...A book and a meal
  • A wonderful place to visit. Wend your way through thousands of books before enjoying your lunch. You need to book for afternoon tea, and it's incredible- you won't be disappointed....:
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  • “.....I go regularly and I love it. There are two sides to the business, the coffee shop and the books. The coffee shop is small but comfortable and serves simple food such as cakes, sandwiches, toasties, panini's, jacket potatoes etc. as well as excellent coffees, tea and cold drinks. It is really good value for money. The bookshop is marvellous. Imagine the most wonderful second hand book shop and it's almost there. It is housed in a labyrinthine building which covers nearly everything you could ever want. It's the sort place that needs multiple visits to fully see. This is the home of bibliophilia.....”
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