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    • google maps showing factory shops in “city centre tour”. (shows Joseph Cheaney in Desborough as well, zoom in for city centre shops)
    • google maps showing “outlying” factories in Earls Barton, Wollaston and Desborough
    • Click here to see problem free parking at Cheaney's
    • Seconds on shelves, full range on stand in middle of shop. The seconds are on shelves around the shop, grouped in order of shoe size. If you see a shoe on another rack that you particularly like but it's not on your rack, or if there is one in your size but not the correct fitting, – tough! It's pot luck with seconds.
    • Full range with discount. In the centre of the shop is a stand with shoes from the current range at a slight discount to recommended retail price. These are usually available in all sizes. Check the ticket on the sole to see what sizes are still in stock for a particular shoe. (See my video).
    • Good selection of ladies shoes There is a fair selection of ladies shoes. These are standard Northampton styles but daintier and more brightly coloured. See minute: 6.35 in my video. (For a much bigger selection of ladies shoes go to Barkers on Outlier Tour and NPS, also on Outlier Tour have some lovely ladies shoes - Goodyear welted brogues in lots of different colours, including silver - so chic! Just to even the score a bit I will say that Cheaney have some of the sneaker style which is such a speciality of NPS)
    • Veldschoen and Goodyear storm welted brogues and boots.. One of the several, very friendly and helpful assistants (this is a very busy shop), showed me the Veldschoen brogues - leather turned outwards instead of inwards on the welt for better impermeability. Don't confuse with Goodyear storm welted - a speciality of Trickers - but which you can also find at Cheaney's. A ridge of leather is sewn all around the Welt. To see what a Cheaney Goodyear storm welted shoe looks like, freeze frame my video at 3.37. There is a burgundy coloured Derby (plain shoe). At 3.57 see the tan brogue on the right. I think Cheaneys are unique amongst Northampton factory shops in having some Veldshoen in seconds. I emailed Trickers about this and here is their reply: “ All our shoes are Goodyear welted construction, apart from the slippers we buy in which are a stuck on construction.We do only 2 styles that are Veldtshoen construction, that are for Jermyn st or Made to Order only”. The assistant in Cheaney's also showed me some shoes in ostrich. £350 instead of £700. Don't worry though, most of the shoes are £180. Just over half the normal retail price, in line with all the other shoe factory shops. (This page written in Spring 2018).
    • Joseph Cheaney factory shop
    • Cheaney's on both my tours. The Joseph Cheaney factory shop features in both my tours: It's at the end of Tour 1: City Centre shops and Tour 2: the “Outliers”, shops in outlying villages. It's 16 miles away from the last shops in the City Centre tour or 19 miles if it's still early in the day and you go via the market town of Kettering for a meal. Click here to see 20 restaurants in Kettering. Or my customers (or people living in Rugby, Coventry, Leicester etc.) could just go directly to Cheaney's.
    • On the Saturday morning when I drove from Crockett and Jones direct to Cheaney (bypassing Kettering) on the A508 there was absolutely no traffic on the road and it was a lovely drive through countryside. A much nicer way to return to my premises than the M1. On the way I visited a lovely Saxon church Click here at Brixworth. 680 AD That's the dark ages, not even medieval! (Beautiful Victorian stained glass windows). click here to see my 6 minute video of the church. On the way back from Cheaney's to my premises I visited the aviation museum at Harrington. Click here to see on google maps. No spectacular exhibits but lots of interesting memorabilia. Click here to see the fascinating secret story of the “carpet baggers” in WWII. (Museum only open on week-ends).
    • 33 miles direct from my premises. 25 miles from Rugby, 35 miles from Coventry, 33 miles from Peterborough. You could make it a full day out by visiting Kettering for some lunch after Cheaney's, then, if it's summer eithe visit Stanford Hall on the way back. Click here to see events and when open to the public or Kelmarsh Hall and Gardens. Click here for opening times and prices . If you visit Stanford Hall, I recommend also having a look at this beautiful 14th century church (video shot by me in 2008) in Stanford. You could also visit the Carpet Baggers aviation museum in Harrington (only open on weekends) on the way back if you are a WWII buff.
    • Joseph Cheaney Factory Shop, 2 Rushton Road, Desborough NN14 2RR
    • Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm Saturday 10am to 4pm. Now open also on Sunday 11am to 4pm
    • Style: Joseph Cheaney do all the traditional, Northampton styles: loafers, oxfords, one buckle monks, two buckle monks, some in conservative styles, some in two tone suede and leather. (Yum!) but check out their speciality, heavy grained, patinated, Veltshoen construction; country brogues and Derby boots. Some of the boots are fur lined. The Land Rover Defender of shoes. Will last a lifetime and look better and better with age. Remember too that you can have the soles and heels removed and replaced at any time for around £100 as long as you keep the uppers in good shape. (Count on six weeks). I really recommend that you have a good browse on their website.
    • 3 minute videos shows Joseph Cheaney own refurbishment
    • Own website
    • google maps for Joseph Cheaney
    • 9 minute video: Cheaney the shoemaker
    • Review:
      “..I love this shop! If you are after a great pair of shoes at a great price you should definitely come here! The staff is absolutely amazing and even though this is a Church's brand the quality is better. The store also has a wide selection of store exclusives and they are truly great and at a very good price! Fully recommended trip!..”

    Abingdon Park Videos

    • On the "City Centre Tour"? You could visit the indoor/outdoor cafe at Abingdon Park in Northampton for a nice break and something to eat before heading for Cheaney's. Or you could skip Abingdon and have something to eat at Kettering on the way. Up to you. I won't be giving you a test! If you are visiting Cheaney's as the last leg of my Outlier Tour, it's 14 miles from Wollaston to Kettering then just 7 miles further on is Cheaney's
    • Click here for “Walking into Abingdon Park” (2 mins)
    • Click here for “Entrance to Abingdon Park” (2 mins)
    • Click here for “Abingdon Park Aviary” (5 mins)
    • Click here for gang of semi-tame grey squirrels in Abingdon Park. (1 min)
    • Click here for “Northamptonshire Regiment” tour in museum. (7 mins)
    • Click here for first part of Northampton social history exhibition (1 min)
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