Before 'n' After rusproofing. Since 1987 (Ex Newbury 1999 to 2008). Now near Rugby (2 miles from junction 2 of M6). Borrow our courtesy car and have a great day out while we rustproof your vehicle.

What the Press Says:
  • LAND ROVER ENTHUSIAST - SEPT '01: "Chris doesn't muck about"
  • PRACTICAL CLASSICS - APRIL '89: "We'd highly recommend Chris's services"
  • JAGUAR WORLD - SEPT '92. "In depth knowledge of rustproofing" We were impressed with the thoroughness of the operation" "we believe it is madness to use an older car regularly without rust protection"
  • CAR MECHANICS - DEC '93 "Chris uses a very high pressure water jet & seeks out every nook and cranny" "Highly efficient service"
  • JAGUAR WORLD - MAY '95 "So penetrative is the Steelguard that it can be seen escaping either side of a spot weld. As a demonstration Chris sprayed a little on a wet outer panel. You should see the water run" "Wheel arches are transformed from looking tired to a pleasing matt version of the outer panels. The effect is truly impressive" "Chris earns each and every one of his pennies."

Older testimonials

From 1998

  • Unsolicited letter from Jim Wills: (Chris writes - This letter dates from 1998 when Before 'n' After was still a mobile operation). Scroll down to see testimonials from first years in Newbury premises
  • "I feel I must write to thank you for all your hard work and expertise that you so cheerfully put in when rustproofing my car yesterday........ I know just how filthy and tiring it can be, but to see you working in what must have been 75 degrees F for some 11 hours was nothing short of miraculous - showing complete dedication to the smallest detail.
  • The car is really beautiful now, in fact it is a tribute to your extensive efforts of which I am well pleased. I would recommend your services to anyone who wants a thorough job done without any hesitation, in fact I use any opportunity to recommend your services whenever I "talk cars" to anyone, as well as at meetings of the Kent branch of the Jaguar Enthusiasts club.
  • I have no doubt whatsoever that you have accumulated a very specialised knowledge of your business and, using a variety of specialised equipment, work jolly hard to give absolute satisfaction to your customers. I seriously doubt that even the most ardent D.I.Y. enthusiast could achieve even half the results that your service provides.
  • Once again, many thanks for your hard work."
  • Rustproofing Jim Wills's car when Before 'n' After was still mobile

From customer survey 2000/2001 (Newbury premises)

  • Alex Aldous vehicle done on 1.12.00
    Absolutely excellent in all respects; efficient, thorough and a service which was refreshingly reliable and honest. It was a pleasure to deal with you. I am only sorry I did not write to thank you earlier.
  • Alan Smith vehicle done on 4.5.01
    Excellent work. Very highly recommended.
  • Max Zechbauer vehicle done on 4.3.01]
    I shall certainly recommend your service. Best regards. Max
  • Gaynor Cauter vehicle done on 4.8.00
    We first used you when you were "mobile" on the MG since then you did the E-type at Greenham and we were very pleased with it.
  • Gordon Davies vehicle done on 9.4.01
    Very efficient/info pack well thought out - will recommend to all.
  • Gareth Jones vehicle done on 13.8.01
    Keep it up. Great service & excellent technically.
  • Martin Tyler vehicle done on 8.4.01
    Very pleased with the service. I will return the car for a check up in the spring. Definitely worth the money.
  • Roger Randall vehicle done on 10.7.01
    Thank you for a job well done.
  • Greg Harrison vehicle done on 27.5.01
    Very satisfied and would use your services again.
  • Stan Banks vehicle done on 2.11.00
    First Class work & service. If only all businesses were run like yours!
  • Darren Archer vehicle done on 15.4.01
    I have enclosed an article I wrote for my local Land Rover club of which I'm a member.
  • Raymond Humphries vehicle done on 24.8.00
    I had an enjoyable afternoon & evening. Everything went as planned . I have no recurring rust problems and the car appears as good as new still. I shall pass you name & service on to a friend who has just bought a low mileage XJS in case he finds any rustproofing requirements.
  • Keith Knight vehicle done on 16.11.00
    Good job well done. Thank you!
  • David Leck vehicle done on 19.8.01
    None at all as the service is very slick. The only reason full marks cannot be given is due to the amount of hidden steel work in sills and box sections in the e-type monocoque and I cannot see inside! Your service is being recommended to fellow Classic Car enthusiasts.
  • John Briscoe vehicle done on 14.7.00
    Enthusiastic & committed to perfection.
  • Derek Milton vehicle done on 30.08.01
    Great job Chris, all the very best for the future.
  • Jane Anderson vehicle done on 15.2.01
    I was very pleased with the service I received. Good luck & Happy New Year.
  • Nick Peat vehicle done on 29.7.00
  • Paul Gluckman vehicle done on 25.03.01
    In summary, I think your system is excellent & cannot be faulted. I have given your details to a number of folk - particularly Land Rover & Jaguar owners. I wish you well with all your continued developments and hope to see you in the new year.
  • Roy Martin vehicle done on 3.9.01
    Excellent. Keep it up.
  • Mike O'Dwyer
    Can't really say any more, to what is an excellent job that you do, with the backup you provide. (things to do in and around Newbury) Excellent. With regards Mike.
  • Jonathan Miles vehicle done on 20.5.01
    Excellent Service. Workmanship without fault. Highly recommended.
  • Brian Parker vehicle done on 12.10.00
    Very good service, vehicle was very clean on pick up.
  • Trevor Edwards vehicle done on 5.5.01
    Considering the filthy job that rustproofing is, I thought the vehicle came back remarkably clean on top.
  • Tim Shickle vehicle done on 23.1.01
    She is very happy with her waxoyl coat. Thanks!!
  • Marian Brown vehicle done on 13.03.01
    Excellent service. We're thinking of having our other car done!
  • Paul Ives vehicle done on 7.6.01
    I was most impressed by everything - you seem to have thought of everything and the whole service more than lived up to expectations. Thank you for your conscientious, hard work and such good arrangements.
  • Mark Robbins vehicle done on 6.6.01
    A very professional service.
  • Mick Morton vehicle done on 25.05.01
    Superb. Keep up the good work Chris. I have the option to purchase another Land Rover in the near future. If I do, I will be contacting you later. Yours Sincerely.
  • John Cole vehicle done on 11.03.01
    Good Service and well done.
  • Peter Stickland vehicle done on 19.02.01
    Continue to keep your high standards. Very pleased to hear you've managed to improve your premises! Regrettably, appearance & state of premises are important although I was impressed with the overall job & workmanship. Best of luck in the future! I'll come down to one of your "first" Sundays for a check-up during 2002.
  • John Hill vehicle done on 11.01.01
    I was extremely satisfied. I will bring my RR back in one year or so.
  • Andrew Martin vehicle done on 28.9.01
    Very informative website. Useful information. Nice to not have to do it ourselves.
  • Julian Beale vehicle done on 1.12.00
    Very good.
  • James Brown vehicle done on 15.2.01
    Excellent level of service with skilled application of rustproofing materials.
  • Chris Cowley vehicle done on 3.2.01
    First Class - will recommend to friends.
  • George Watt vehicle done on 17.04.01
    No worries. Service and car excellent.
  • Simon Dolph vehicle done on 20.4.01
    All very good. Very pleased with the work done. Many people have commented positively on the car's appearance.
  • Howard Morgan vehicle done on 14.2.2000
    I was very pleased with your service and if I still have the car in 2005 I will have it treated again.
  • David Parson vehicle done on 7.2000
    - a stress free experience.
  • Max Parker vehicle done on 10.5.2000
    Very satisfied, a good service
  • Steve Stirling vehicle done on 10.2000
    Don't think you can improve on an excellent service, apart from car hire for Sunday customers. (free courtesy car now provided - Chris) Wishing you all the best for the years to come - keep up the good service.
  • Ian Law vehicle rustproofed on 13.3.00
    A superb service well done by a very professional person who knows exactly what he is doing; giving a peace of mind serive; Knowing your vehicle is in capable hands; Knowing it is also in safe hands.
  • John Jeffrey vehicle rustproofed on 8.5.00
    First Class job carried out with good attention to detail. Many thanks.
  • Rod Powell vehicle rustproofed on 10.5.00
    Would use again without hesitation. Good, clean and worthwhile service.
  • Sean Mann vehicle rustproofed on 11.3.00
    Excellent Service. Very pleased.
  • Barry Thrussell vehicle rustproofed on 25.4.00
    Very good job. Extremely pleased. Would use again.
  • Peter Coleman vehicle rustproofed on 31.5.00
    Very impressed. A job well done. Thank you.
  • Mike Farr vehicle rustproofed on 3.3.00
    I was very impressed with the appontment system & Chris Parkinson's enthusiasm for what is a very dirty job.
  • John Evans vehicle rustproofed on 18.6.00
    My service garage commented on how well the job had been done.
  • Clive Gore vehicle rustproofed on 28.2.00
  • I was very pleased with the quality of the service, the work was first class and I shall be back in the future.
  • William Steele vehicle rustproofed on 8.9.00
    Very pleased.