Before 'n' After rusproofing. Since 1987 (Ex Newbury 1999 to 2008). Now near Rugby (2 miles from junction 2 of M6). Borrow our courtesy car and have a great day out while we rustproof your vehicle.

What the Press Says:
  • LAND ROVER ENTHUSIAST - SEPT '01: "Chris doesn't muck about"
  • PRACTICAL CLASSICS - APRIL '89: "We'd highly recommend Chris's services"
  • JAGUAR WORLD - SEPT '92. "In depth knowledge of rustproofing" We were impressed with the thoroughness of the operation" "we believe it is madness to use an older car regularly without rust protection"
  • CAR MECHANICS - DEC '93 "Chris uses a very high pressure water jet & seeks out every nook and cranny" "Highly efficient service"
  • JAGUAR WORLD - MAY '95 "So penetrative is the Steelguard that it can be seen escaping either side of a spot weld. As a demonstration Chris sprayed a little on a wet outer panel. You should see the water run" "Wheel arches are transformed from looking tired to a pleasing matt version of the outer panels. The effect is truly impressive" "Chris earns each and every one of his pennies."

Testimonials from customer surveys sent out from 2017 to present