CR and Land Rover waxoyl treatment since 1987 – 10 reasons why.

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The only genuine UK specialist in Land Rover waxoyl treatment (since 1987)


Why rustproof?

Although most modern vehicles in general do not suffer greatly from corrosion, there are some notable exceptions: Land Rover and other 4 x 4’s do not have adequate underbody protection, particularly if used off road. These vehicles cost £25,000 and upwards to buy new. The Land Rover Defender is an iconic vehicle whose production ceased in 2015. Demand for the best (but only the best) examples can only increase in future years. Motor Caravans are built around vans designed to be high mileage, working vehicles, with a useful life of around 10 years. The fact of converting a van to a motor caravan can triple, quadruple or more the value of the vehicle and owners of motor caravans expect their vehicle to last a lot longer than 10 years. The determining factor for the life of a motor caravan is corrosion. A credible anti-corrosion treatment could give your motor caravan many extra 10 years of life and this will be reflected in an increased resale value even when it’s only a year or two old. Book in here

How should you rustproof?

Before ‘n’ After has a 30 year track record of rustproofing with waxoyl but there are other, similar, petro-chemical based rustproofing waxes, oils and greases on the market. Any one of these will offer some degree of protection even if only used on a diy basis. In general though, I (Chris Parkinson, aka Mr. Before ‘n’ After), have observed that diy and “garage” applications of waxoyl or dinitrol etc. often only last a year or two. A previous poor application will not prevent us carrying out a full Before ‘n’ After treatment although a previous application of Schutz (a plastic coating) or similar will prevent us from carrying out our treatment. For a discussion of these questions, see the PDF of my article on “molestation” here.

Get the Before ‘n’ After treatment to avoid costly repairs, sell fast and get top price when you sell

People are actively looking to buy Before ‘n’ After’d vehicles. At the time of writing (September 20018), Before ‘n’ After has 11 x 4.9 star google reviews. See also our testimonials

10 Reasons to have your Land Rover, 4 x 4,
motorhome or other vehicle car rustproofed
by Before ‘n’ After.:

Why go elsewhere?

Only Before ‘n’ After gives a credible guarantee. Book in here Why should you only consider Before ‘n’ After rustproofing? The answer is simple: Track record and guarantee. Only Before ‘n’ After gives a credible guarantee and only Before ‘n’ After treatments have been proven to last long term even on vehicles that were very rusty when treated. Around 6,000 guarantees have been given since 2002. No one else has anything like this track record and no-one else gives a credible guarantee. Book in here

New! New! New! (2018) The Customer Record Page and database of Before ‘n’ After’d vehicles for sale.

Introducing (May 2018) the Customer Record Page. Every customer’s vehicle gets its own CRP. 24 photos of the treatment, before, during and after are posted up. The customer gets their own admin page where they can add a “bid” button or a “For sale £….” button. Internet users can search our database for Before ‘n’ After’d cars for sale. Click on the “View Vehicles Page” here and click here for the “How it Works” page

The specialist

Before ‘n’ After is the rustproofing specialist. Since 1987. Specialising particularly in Land Rovers and Motor Homes and the occasional car since 2000. We don’t do any other kind of work apart from rustproofing. Around 6,000 5 year guarantees have been give since 2002 and around 600 10 year guarantees (CR coating) have been given since 2015 (written in spring 2018)

No unsubstantiated claims (unlike wannabe competitors!)

Note the “since 1987” claim above. I can substantiate this. Practical Classics did an article on me rustproofing a MK II Jaguar in 1989. We don’t make unsubstantiated claims. Unlike a competitor who has been claiming for the past 3 years that they have “10 years experience” when they had only been trading for two when they started making the claim. How credible is their “3 year guarantee”?

Credible guarantee

Only Before ‘n’ After gives a credible guarantee. “If you see any rust coming through the coating within the time frame of the guarantee, bring it back and have it re-treated free of charge”. Since 2002, Before ‘n’ After rustproofing has given six thousands 5 year guarantees on our waxoyl treatment, even on very rusty cars, around 150 ten year guarantee on KLEENtect since 2002 to 2009 (not a single guarantee claim on KLEENtect!) and since 2015, 600 10 year guarantees on our CR coating. In the past 2 years, Dinitrol has been much hyped by a paid advertiser with the username "Zagato" on Defender 2 forum. But he does not give any kind of guarantee. How long will it be before the chickens come home to roost? (This written in May 2018). Why would you go to someone who will not stand by their work with a guarantee or to someone who gives a 3 year guarantee but makes phoney claims about their experience and tries to pass themselves off as Before 'n' After?

Staying power

Before ‘n’ After has staying power. These wannabe competitors all ceased trading after 4 or 5 years in business in 2014 and 2015: Rustmaster (defunct site url:, the Waxworks, (defunct site url: Pristine autos (defunct site url: - site defunct in 2017). You can check when their websites were first put up and when they were taken down by copying and pasting the website URL’s into the Internet Archive here Why take a risk on a “me too” “wannabe” that won’t be around for very long? (Especially one that can’t be bothered to take down their website when the business has ceased trading!) Compare these to Before ‘n’ After Rustproofing – in business continually since 1987! Back to Top


Incidentally, one wannabee, still extant at time of writing claims "10 years experience" when he has only been trading for 6 years and was already making this dishonest boast 3 years ago! The guy started out by passsing himself off as Before 'n' After by putting it in the title line of his google ads. I hope he goes out of business soon!

No-one else has equipment like ours

Only Before ‘n’ After has the equipment to blast off the rust well enough for our anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion coatings to last. I have seen a youtube video promo for dinitrol purporting to show how to rustproof a Land Rover with that product. I noted that heavily rusted areas were not abraded enough for the coating to last and that rust would soon make a reappearance. To see how we can abrade the rust so that it does not come through again, Watch this 6 minute video

With Before ‘n’ After, cavities are injected with an atomized spray at 3.500 psi and the underbody receives a thick coating. 10 or even 20 times thicker than a diy or “local garage” effort.Back to Top

Sell fast! Get top money! People are actively looking to buy Before ‘n’ After’d vehicles

Returning customers who sold their previous vehicle tell me that people are actively looking to buy Before ‘n’ After’d vehicles 1 minute interview with return customer who sold his Before 'n' Aftered Heritage 90 very quickly. See testimonials here. Back to Top.

My own superior quality coatings

In 2008 I started adding my own, anti-abrasion additive at 2% to standard waxoyl. I have found that this does not affect waxoyl’s rust killing and prevention properties but it does prevent the waxoyl being abraded off by frequent pressure washing etc. It also prevents the waxoyl coating from oxidising and thinning over time. I have customer feedback (scroll down on link page)which confirms my claims. I call this “Before ‘n’ After improved waxoyl”. In 2015 I introduced the CR coating for which I give a 10 year guarantee. (“If you see any rust coming through the coating within the time frame of the guarantee, bring it back and have it re-treated free of charge”). See “the story of Before ‘n’ After page. Back to Top

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You can have a superb day out visiting the huge variety of really outstanding local attractions in Warwickshire in my courtesy car. The first order of the day should be to have simply the best cooked breakfast you will ever eat at Malt Kiln Farm shop ,three minutes away. Here are some customers tucking in.

  • Breakast at Malt Kiln Farm shop - a must!
  • Breakast at Malt Kiln Farm shop - a must!There are some really nice hotels and b and b’s you can stay in. There are 3 Premier Inns very close by and if you book well ahead you can get a room for as little as £29. I work Saturdays and Sundays. (Monday and Tuesday are my days off) so you might want to have a week end break. You can see an overview of the various attractions here with a link to a separate page for each attraction. If you are coming from more than 100 miles away, see our subsidized deals on the Premier Inn hotels here.

    Reasons not to have your vehicle Before ‘n’ After’d

    Reasons not to have your vehicle Before ‘n’ After’d? If you have a “classic car” from the 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s, unless it was Before ‘n’ After’d 20 or 30 years ago, it will almost certainly have been “molested” and perhaps bodged with filler into the bargain. (Yes, I have been doing it that long and yes, I am that old, but I’m an obsessive health nut and your 40 is my 60, ok?) The underbody is likely to have been sprayed with schutz. (Not “Schulz”. He is the cartoonist who did Peanuts. Schutz means protection in German). Schutz is ok on clean metal but on rust it’s a disaster. See the “Has your car been molested” pdf. My coating on top of schutz will add nothing. It will only be as good as the schutz (which is not good if it’s been applied over rust). I also cannot do very low slung cars. They won’t fit on my column lifts.

    Bottom line: If you have a classic car, contact me first before booking in to see if my treatment is appropriate for your car. If it has been bodged with filler or otherwise molested my treatment will add very little and I will turn you away and keep your deposit.I take a dim view of people trying to use my services to legitimize an old tart (what dealers call a “toffee apple”). I have also found through bitter experience that some owners of these cars will try to claim that I have damaged a part and try to get me to pay for it! So save yourself a long journey and email me first. At the other end of the spectrum, if your classic car is a restored beauty with a thick file of photos detailing the restoration (I recommend “the Romance of Rust” by the way) or an original time capsule worth a fortune, book it in for two days and I will charge you an extra £500. Back to Top

    Why I don’t take off plastic wheel arch liners

    Another reason not to use Before ‘n’ After is that you expect me to take off plastic wheel arch liners. When the plastic liners are in direct contact with the steel panels I do not consider this necessary. A competitor who lasted 5 years and hysterics on forums will tell you that the space behind them will fill up with leaves, causing rust. Rubbish! I concentrate on doing the very best job on the parts of the vehicle which actually need it. Back to Top.

    For prices and to book in, please go to the booking in page here
    If you have some questions please email . (I have hearing difficulties so am unable to manage phone converstations. Emails are often answered within an hour)

    Borrow our courtesy car and have a great day out

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